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Egyptian Walking Onion Plants - Heirloom Onions Organic Grown Permaculture Perennial RARE SUMMER / FALL Planting Opportunity Gourmet Cooking

Egyptian Walking Onion Plants - Heirloom Onions Organic Grown Permaculture Perennial RARE SUMMER / FALL Planting Opportunity Gourmet Cooking

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A Up for sale are of our live homegrown Heritage Walking Onion RARE SUMMER / FALL PLANTING Starter Plants. Raised organically and by hand under our prairie skies and rains! Also called winter onions, multiplier onions, tree onions, etc.

The plants you'll receive will be freshly harvested, trimmed and shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays (so they don't sit in the Post Office over the weekend). All plants shipped will be healthy specimens and the typical size of 1-2 year-old specimens.

(The listing picture of 8 onion plants is an example of what they look like only. The number shipped will be based upon the number selected to purchase, i.e., "3 plant sets," "6 plant sets," or "12 plant sets.")

Each order will receive the largest live starter plants available from my current stock! Of course, as supplies dwindle with them finding new homes, the shipped plant sizes may as well. However, even the smallest transplants grow and thrive for me and should for you as well.

Please plant your newly obtained green friends ASAP so they can grow big, beautiful and prolific for you!



This is the Perfect Time to get your spring planting of this tasty and prolific perennial off of your mind and coming to your table early fall or next spring!!!

Very tasty and one of the first productive and harvest-able perennial (or annual) plants.

Our customers say:

"Arrived quickly and with an overage in quantity. Very pleased with seller and transaction!"

"So fast! Excellent planting instructions and history of the plants. I can’t wait to see how they do here in Kentucky."

"Everything was exact as the description and met my expectations. <3 Thank you also for the bonus history story of these plants. I am so excited for these to grow and flourish. :D"

My maternal grandparents brought these over from Lower Germany via Prussia during the mid 1880's and, therefore, through Ellis Island emigrations! Then, they traveled with my 15-yr-old Grandfather (Gottlieb), via the railroad in late October. He was barefoot and snow was on the ground. He arrived in Dimock, SD to live with an uncle who already was homesteading some land. His job was to break horses and do all the hard manual labor that was required to survive on the prairie in the late 1800's.

They have a long history in our family and are traditionally passed on when sons and daughters marry and move to their own home and land. :)

They are very hardy to -30 below 0 and more. They have lasted through the long journey over the Pacific by sailing ship, the Dust Bowl, dirty 30's era, other droughts and even the winter of 1968 when we had 12.5 feet of snow. As you can see they are very hardy and should do you proud!

As a German ancestry family we got to start using them in early spring along with fresh loose-leaf lettuce. We cut some of the tops and cut them in small pieces to mix with lettuce that had been chilled in fresh cold water. We shook the water off the lettuce and tore or cut it up, added the chopped onion tops and then added a mixture of fresh cream (we milked our own cows by hand), a bit of vinegar (white or cider) plus salt and pepper to taste. It was/is the best start to spring's, home-grown, fresh produce eating that I know of!

We also used them by pulling the small to medium sized bulbs and trimmed them top and bottom. Those we ate with fresh homemade bread and butter after dabbing them in a bit of salt sprinkled on our plates. :) We often made a meal of them back in the days when I was a kid. Yum!

When I had my own family I used them as above and also in soups, stews and casseroles. Nowadays, I also use them in soft-shelled tacos, omelettes, salads, herb breads, etc.

Just so very versatile.

Plant immediately upon arrival and they will self-propagate with no further help other than the occasional watering.

They will ship 1st Class Mail in secure packaging so they arrive in the best possible condition.

Thank you for your interest and best regards!

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