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Cleopatra's Own Perfume Blend #16 .5ml Glam Roller Bottle Unisex Personal Aphrodisiac Honey Orange Blossom Patchouli Sweet Seductive Woody

Cleopatra's Own Perfume Blend #16 .5ml Glam Roller Bottle Unisex Personal Aphrodisiac Honey Orange Blossom Patchouli Sweet Seductive Woody

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Cleopatra's Own Perfume Blend #16 .5ml Glam Roller Bottle Unisex Personal Aphrodisiac Honey Orange Blossom Patchouli Sweet Seductive Woody

PrairieWoodSprite received the Artful Living A-list Award in 2016 (see award picture above!) My children say I should share this since the day received, so now, 7 years later, I finally am.

If you don't see a favorite PrairieWoodSprite formula, JUST CONVO WITH YOUR REQUEST! I'll pop it up for you asap! I'm working on revamping my listings and putting up new formulas but will expedite your requests!!!

A spa quality, artisanal hand crafted formula perfect for gift giving!

PrairieWoodSprite organic beauty products make thoughtfully beautiful and unique holiday and birthday gifts for family, friends, coworkers, teachers, bosses, BFF, besties, etc.

Or, perhaps, "Just Because," is reason enough!

We are introducing several PrairieWoodSprite's Natural Beauty Secrets of Seductive Cleopatra Product Lines. From Skin Creams to Facial Cleansers and Luscious Perfumes!

Presenting Cleopatra's Own Perfume Blend #16! Created from historic documentation with the renowned Queen's favorites: Orange Blossom, Honey and Patchouli!

Cleopatra loved this blend and used it's Aphrodisiac Qualities to great effect when seducing both Caesar and Mark Anthony. She favored Hathor, the goddess of love and sexuality, who was associated with both Myrrh and Sandalwood. We have created an intoxicating and sensuous perfume in her honor by combining Orange Blossom, Honey and Patchouli Essential Oils!

This blend is truly fit for the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra herself! And Caesar...And Marc Antony...

Our customers say:


"This was a splendid joy 2 have Linda @ PrairieWoodSprite 2 create this Cleopatra #16 Perfume Oil,,,it INTOXICATING N SENSUOUS AS HELL...I WILL DEFINITELY B LETTING LINDA CREATE MORE 4 ME TY Linda"

She perfumed the sails of her barge, with this exotic blend of essential oils, for her first meeting with Marc Antony (who was coming to remove her from Egyptian power). She also dressed herself as Aphrodite and her servants as cherubs and nymphs! Clever, clever girl! As this blend of perfumes proceeded her arrival she obtained his full attention before her ship came within eyesight! Marc Antony didn't dethrone her...her married her! After ten years, and 3 children, he still claimed her as his the very end...

Aromas evoke feelings and aromas touch our very souls...

For a galvanizing presence both you, and your paramour, will adore!

Provided in a unique, glamorous, heavy duty, easy-to-carry, .5ml glass roller applicator. Made fresh, one-at-a-time, when ordered!

You have the choice of Cleopatra's fragrance blend unrefined carrier oils: grapeseed, fractionated coconut, apricot kernel, sweet almond or golden jojoba oil! When ordering just add a Note to Seller regarding your customized carrier oil request! If no carrier oil request is included when ordering fractionated coconut oil will be used due to it's superb perfumery qualities!

About 2,080+ years ago both Cesar and Marc Antony fell for Cleopatra's ultra feminine and intellectual gifts. We are now sharing one of her daily perfume blends which helped create her come-hither, sensual mystique!

Egyptians loved their daily rituals of bathing and afterwards treating their entire bodies with health giving and sustaining products created from nature's bounty and always, always topped off with a heady blend of customized fragrances.

Cleopatra herself created many formulas to keep her seductively youthful with soft, sweet scented unguents (what we now call balms and creams). She favored ox (bovine) tallow as the main base of her various rejuvenating, revitalizing and regenerating skin care unguents plus carefully selected various oil and essential oils combinations.

When it comes to beauty, much can be learned from Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen who many regard as one the most beautiful women in history. Luckily, some of her self-created beauty secrets were documented, and PrairieWoodSprite is making it possible for you to obtain them and utilize the same seductive beauty products that made her legend...

Obviously, Cleopatra was a very exceptional woman who loved herself well and knew how to use the sensual Egyptian beauty secrets of her time. Aphrodisiac personal care items and perfumes were her signature style keeping her well know, well loved and a beauty mentor throughout the passing millennia since her tragic end...

Rich fragrance and a great value as a little goes a long way!

To use: Dab on pulse points for long lasting scent. Reapply as desired.

You may also order Cleopatra's Ox Tallow and Honey Cream with this fragrance blend. Search our shop for "Cleopatra" or "Ox" and they will pop right up for you! When ordering just add a Note to Seller requesting it with "Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Cedarwood and Smoke Essential Oils!"

Layering the scent with a tallow cream and identically scented perfume will intensify the duration and aura of the perfume blend throughout your day or night!

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