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Chaste Berry Wild Yam Balm Cream GET BALANCED II 4.75 fl oz Women Men Hormone Balance Balancing Remedy Organic Herbal Made Fresh Menopause

Chaste Berry Wild Yam Balm Cream GET BALANCED II 4.75 fl oz Women Men Hormone Balance Balancing Remedy Organic Herbal Made Fresh Menopause

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Chaste Berry Wild Yam Balm Cream GET BALANCED II 4.75 fl oz Women Men Hormone Balance Balancing Remedy Organic Herbal Made Fresh Menopause

PrairieWoodSprite is starting several new lines of products!

And, as always (since PrairieWoodSprite began in 2013), made one-at-time when ordered, JUST FOR YOU!

PrairieWoodSprite received the Artful Living A-list Award in 2016 (see award picture above!) My children say I should share this since the day received, so now, 7 years later, I finally am.

GET BALANCED II - Double Infused Chaste Berry & Yam Oil (in Grape Seed Oil) with Mango Butter, Grass-fed Tallow, Vitamin E Oil and Carnauba Wax. Plus the BEST SUPPORTIVE EOs available: Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang to PUMP UP THE POTENCY!

Also available without the supportive essential oils to pump up its potency! (Just add a Note to Seller with your request! As I make each product ordered one-at-a-time, when ordered, I can make it happen your way! And, best of all, at no additional charge!)


For men and women hormonal comfort and balance goals!

"I’m grateful for this shop and to have someone that is willing to change formulation to accommodate my needs. I've been using the cream for 2 weeks and I’ve noticed a difference in my levels as I'm tracking with a test kit as I have been prior to purchasing. I purchased for my mom & sister as well and they are excited to see their results. I will purchase again. Thank you very much!"

“This wild yam is perfectly made. Quality is exceptional! Silky with no residue! The fragrance can be customized. I chose peppermint that also aids with hot flashes/hormonal imbalances. The fragrance was so relaxing, comforting! IT WAS WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS! AND And I used it my first night and got results that quickly! So I am very optimistic that this product used properly and cycles will give me my life back to me! I am humbled by the care put into this product. Five stars is too low for this product!”

“Custom made product? Yes! Please and thank you. My request was taken into account and smells amazing. I can't wait to feel results!”

Wild yam has been used for centuries to promote natural relief from menstrual cramps while supporting hormonal and mood balance, menopausal symptoms and much, much more. (A quick internet search will provide a great deal of information new regulations prevent sellers from sharing outright as we prefer.)

Getting the best HORMONAL REGULATION benefits fast and easy.

PrairieWoodSprite also has a traditional balm/salve Wild Yam & Chaste Berry product available in other listings as well either with or without hormone balancing essential oils added. Your choice!

If you need any customization (addition(s), subtraction(s) or substitution(s)) to meet your healthcare needs just convo, or add a Note to Seller with your request. As I make each product ordered one at a time, customization is not a problem. And, best of all, at no additional charge!


Massage pea-size dab onto inner wrists, chest, neck, breasts, abdomen, inner arms or inner thighs as these areas of the body is where the balm is particularly well absorbed (alternate application site(s) every day).

Vary application site daily for best results.

It's recommended to start with one application nightly. Stay aware and if after 7 days of use with no notable change, add an additional morning application as well.

Maximum use guideline after first week of testing your reactions: apply every morning and every night for three weeks a month.

For pre-menopause women stop using for 7 full days following the week menstruation begins.

For menopausal women select one week full week to take a break from yam root cream. If hot flashes and night sweats are still occurring during your break week, test massaging a small amount of cream into inside of your wrists to abate those occurrences.

For men once per day, every day.

Recommended use: follow above guidelines for 2-3 months minimum for optimum results.

Topical wild yam root use is reported to assist with the menopausal issues from reducing/controlling hot flushes to elevating low mood. This may be why wild yam root is often recommended by herbalists as a natural alternative to menopause* remedies, pms*, emotional mood swings.

All products are handmade to order. Each container is carefully formulated with positive intentions and care coming from decades of herbal experience and 8 years of University study and 3 degrees and training courses with renown herbal specialists with decades of practice and teaching.

I grow many varieties of herbs as I love gardening and creating healthy, skin loving botanicals. I'm a bit of a plant lover...15 raised garden beds lovingly attended every day by myself and my hubby of 48+ years...

Double Infused with the maximum amount of wild yam submerged in grapeseed oil twice over and then processed to produce the fine product shown in our listing pictures. This double infusion provides a VERY POTENT final product for you and yours healthcare goals!

This product has a minimum of 1-year shelf life when stored in a cool dark location like a cabinet, etc., away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

PrairieWoodSprite isn't responsible for the improper use, reactions, or results of how this product is utilized. Please consult your healthcare provider for possible interactions with your current medications. Always keep your healthcare provider aware of your use of any herbal remedies or supplements. Use of herbals is at your own risk.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Herbs may interact with medications and supplements so always, always consult with your healthcare providers. Not intended for pregnant/nursing women or children.

My products contain medicinal herbs and essential oils, which, like any prescription or over-the-counter products, can affect the user in different ways. Please use due diligence and research about the herb(s) of interest to be an educated consumer while choosing your herbal remedy wisely. If you have healthcare concerns, contact your healthcare provider for additional information.

A NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCT. NO parabens. NO chemicals. NO preservatives. NO petroleum based additives. NO BPA. NO Beeswax. NO Gluten. NON-comedogenic. NO animal testing.Etsy's Medical Drug Claims policy disallows merchants from sharing the medicinal uses of listed products. We encourage becoming an educated consumer by researching on the web about any products in our Etsy shop prior to placing an order. Should you have any questions or queries regarding PrairieWoodSprite products, please message via Etsy Conversations link and I'll gladly assist you.

Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult you doctor. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product.

Expedited shipping option available by convoing seller with your request. A separate private listing will be put up for you after shipping service and shipping class selected by you.

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