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Anti-aging Face Cream 4oz Collagen Boosting Fragile Skin Support Firm Smooth Plump Even Skin Tone Reduce Reverse Wrinkles Mature MadetoOrder

Anti-aging Face Cream 4oz Collagen Boosting Fragile Skin Support Firm Smooth Plump Even Skin Tone Reduce Reverse Wrinkles Mature MadetoOrder

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Anti-aging Face Cream 4oz Collagen Boosting Fragile Skin Support Firm Smooth Plump Even Skin Tone Reduce Reverse Wrinkles Mature Made to Order

PrairieWoodSprite received the Artful Living A-list Award in 2016 (see award picture above!) My children say I should share this since the day received, so now, 7 years later, I finally am.

If you don't see a favorite PrairieWoodSprite formula, JUST CONVO WITH YOUR REQUEST! I'll pop it up for you asap! I'm working on revamping my listing and putting up new formulas but will expedite your requests!!!

A spa quality, artisanal hand crafted formula perfect for gift giving!

PrairieWoodSprite received the Artful Living A-list Award in 2016 (see award picture above!) My children say I should share this since the day received, so now, 7 years later, I finally am.

PrairieWoodSprite organic beauty products make thoughtfully beautiful and unique holiday and birthday gifts for family, friends, coworkers, teachers, bosses, BFF, besties, etc.

Or, perhaps, "Just Because," is reason enough!

Our new Tallow Anti-aging, Collagen Boosting & Fragile Skin Support Face Cream with the best wrinkle, dry, damaged uneven skin tone busting essential oils available!

Ingredients are: Grass-fed Tallow, Rosehip, Hemp Seed, Calendula, Pomegranate, Grapeseed, Avocado, Sea Buckthorn, Castor and Non-GMO Vitamin E Oils, Raw Honey & Beeswax Cream Formula with anti-aging, rejuvenating and damage reversing Cypress, Geranium and Frankincense Essential Oils!

This made-on-the-Midwest-prairie, organic, creamy formula is whipped to perfection. Highly skin renewing, regenerating, revitalizing: as both a day or night cream, being on the job for you 24/7!

Highly beneficial for one's anti-aging, rejuvenating, repairing, regenerating self-care goals!

Plus receive the added bonuses of providing yourself with a significant reduction or end of dry, dull, tired skin, uneven skin tone and more.

One, 4 ounce, full-to-the-brim coffee, cobalt or clear PET plastic apothecary jar or decorative glass. Your choice!

For silky smooth skin both you, and your paramour, will adore!

Our customers say:

“Awesome products, superior customer service, have been using her products for years never have I been disappointed.”

“My second purchase from this creator and I have liked everything I've brought.”

Our new allow Anti-aging Firming Rejuvenating Cream has a smooth, creamy texture and a lovely herbal essential oil fragrance blend, plus NO CHEMICALS ADDED.

Made of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, beef tallow, with NOTHING ADDED but the best natural cellulite busting organic ingredients shown above.

Benefits of Grass-fed Tallow:
Tallow salves, creams and butters have held the tests of time regarding their superb skin soothing properties. Highly compatible with human skin cells. Quickly and easily absorbed and, being classified as a "dry" fat, it won't leave your skin feeling oily. There is much information on the net regarding the sootheing properties of pure organic tallow cream regarding skin that is sensitive, dry, aging, mature, damaged, acneic, , , , and other skin needs to check out. Its ability to be readily and deeply absorbed makes it a preferred method for carrying nutrients and essential oils where they’re most needed!

It's deeply moisturizing and sootheing, goes on smoothly and is long lasting -- a little bit goes a very long way. It truly gets your youthful glow on!

Rosehip Oil Benefits:
* penetrated deeply into lower layers of skin.
* regenerates cells.
* increased collagen production.
* rich in Vitamin C, Omega-2 and Omega-6 fatty acids and retinoic acid.
* brightens and tightens skin.
* Restores elasticity.
* fades age spots.
* reduces broken capillaries.
* balances oil gland production.
* very beneficial to dry, irritated or mature skin.

Pomegranate Oil Benefits:
* protects and restores collagen, firms skin and increases elasticity.
* penetrates deeply and fantastic anti-wrinkle promoter.
* balances skin and improves skin tone.
* high in Vitamin C.
* highly moisturizing.
* high antioxidant properties.

Calendula Oil Benefits:
* , , antifungal, and antioxidant.
* promotes sootheth skin cell growth by increasing cell turnover.
* boosts collagen production while making skin radiant and soothethy.

Grapeseed Oil Benefits:
* rich in beta-carotene and Vitamins D, C and E and packed with skin supportive fatty acids.
* rich in antioxidants to tighten skin, restore collagen, fight aging, moisturize and diminish dark spots and scarring.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits:
* and antioxidant.
* revives skin cells.
* rich in Vitamin E and C to aid in reducing the gravity and length of wrinkles.
* research has shown this oil to be one of the leading natural ingredients in anti-aging skincare formulas.

Castor Oil Benefits:
* absorbs deeply and encouraged production of collagen and elastin.
* highly antioxidant to slow the aging process.
* s blemishes, scars and skintone.

Avocado Oil Benefits:
* protects and restores very dry skin.
* very high in Vitamin E and provides deep moisturization.
* powerful antioxidant and strongly fights free radicals.
* boosts collagen production to promote soft youthful skin.
* anti-aging.

Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil: (Argentina, cold pressed sunflower):
* promotes damaged cell regeneration.
* moisturizes & soothes damaged skin.
* d-alpha tocopherol (natural) has TWICE the power as dL-alpha tocopheryl.
* keeps youthful, supple and strong.
* speeds skin recovery.
* reduces dryness and flakiness plus makes skin more radiant.
* it works it's magic fast.

Benefits of Raw Honey:
* created via the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers.
* helps moisturize.
* fights aging.
* fights bacteria.
* loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and sootheing compounds.
* a gentle lightener.
* rich in and antibacterial compounds.
* helps decrease new and old scars.
* increases sootheing.
* increases tissue regeneration.
* calms redness.
* calms inflammation.
* reverses dryness and irritation regardless of the source.
*restores hydration to the deepest layers of skin.
* contains powerful anti-inflammatories to calm, soothe and rejuvenate unhappy skin.
* is a marvelous humectant (provides, holds and attracts moisture).
* makes your skin silky smooth, refined, regenerated and rejuvenated.
* is extremely beneficial as it trounces many causes of uneven skin tone and various skin irritations leading to fast evening of skin tone, lightening and sootheing.

Benefits of Beeswax:
* miracle of the beehive.
* creates a barrier to seal moisture in.
* protects from environmental toxins and irritants.
* allows skin to breathe while still providing a protective barrier.
* has Vitamin A, which improves hydration to skin and promotes cell regeneration.
* provides a protective barrier keeping beneficial ingredients in place for a greater sootheing effect.
* a skin softener that doesn't clog pores.

Benefits of Anti-aging Essential Oils:

* in the top echelon of skin beautifying EOs.
* regenerates skin.
* increases circulation.
* extremely sootheing.
* promotes even distribution of melanin.
* evens out skin tone.

* provides significant skin firming and tightening action.
* improves circulation.
* strengthens blood capillaries.
* antibacterial.
* anti-microbial.
* anti-infection.
* amazing for varicose veins and broken capillaries.

* boosts cell regeneration and new cell growth.
* reduces fine lines, wrinkles and scars.
* highly .

*** All of these fabulous ingredients' qualities make PrairieWoodSprite's spa quality, Grass-fed Tallows Creams and Balms very special, unique and healing! And, made-fresh-to-order, just for you!

This luscious, spa quality, artisan cream smooths in quickly and cleanly and feels so good you will be truly amazed!

Always do a skin patch test prior to using a new to you skin care product.

Natural, organic, fresh-made for you when ordered. It has no added essential oils or fragrances as being unscented will smell richly honeyish!

For silky smooth skin both you, and your paramour, will adore!

Rich and nourishing, and a great value as a little goes a long way!

All these benefits add up to one thing—anti-aging!

Our products and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Our products are not intended to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease. Please consult a licensed professional if your condition continues or worsens. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or have any medical condition consult your physician before using essential oils. If skin irritation should occur, discontinue use.
For more spa quality, artisan, made-one-at-a-time-when-ordered, organic and chemical additive free skin care products please visit my store to see more elegant products for your skin care needs!
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